Sustainable Starter Box
  • Sustainable Starter Box

    We are excited to announce that we will soon be releasing our 'Sustainable Starter' Box!

    This box is an introduction to the world of sustainable and reusable periods products.

    Included: Menstrual Cup (either Type 1 or Type 2), Period Underwear, Reusable Sanitary Pad, Washing Bag, Produce Bag, Period Pouch, Loose Leaf Tea and strainer. Usually retailing at $120, get yours for only $80.

    • Menstrual Cup Sizing

      Available in 2 sizes

      Size 1 (regular)

      The Regular size is suitable for users who have not given birth, aged 30 years and under and have a light to medium flow. Regular can hold up to the equivalent of two regular tampons (22ml). Size 1 may be more comfortable for those with a lower cervix.
      Diameter 41.25mm, length 64mm (including stem), 44mm (excluding stem).

      Size 2 (super)

      The Size 2 Super cup is ideal for users aged 30 years and over or those who have given birth (either vaginally or by C-section). Can hold up to 3 regular tampons or two super tampons (30ml). Size 2 may be more comfortable for those with a higher cervix.
      Diameter 45.8mm, length 70mm (including stem), 50mm (excluding stem).

      Wear your menstrual cup (either size) for up to 8 hours.