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Nisaa Period Box

Find all period essential in our Nisaa Period Box. Customise your box from a range of pads, tampons, surprise gifts, tea and more!


Choose any 5 items to make up your box - mix and match as much as you like!

Available to choose from: Pads, Tampons, Femfresh wash and wipes, tea, 'Surprise Me' gifts, travel pouch or chocolate.

Edit, pause or cancel your subscription at anytime simply by logging into your account. *Free shipping on all subscriptions*

$30 per month


First Period Box

We are excited to announce that we will soon be releasing our 'First Period' Box!

Designed to give girls all the essentials to get them through their first few periods, to educate them on how to use the products and with a few extra care items to make it that much better.


We have even included education material including the hilariously insightful 'Welcome to your Period' book by Yumi Stynes and Melissa Kang

$70 (one time purchase)

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Chocy Box

Do you use a menstrual cup or period underwear but still want a pick me up every month? Then the Chocy Box is prefect for you!


This box comes with a block of chocolate from Red Cacao in the Adelaide Hills AND the surprise me gift that comes with our regular subscription boxes.


Each month we have a couple of little treats including bamboo, charcoal infused toothbrushes, Femfresh products, healthy snacks, bath salts, heat bags, lip balms, essential oils and so much more! All organic and natural products made cruelty free and here in Australia.

$20 per month