Celebrate being a woman with a little box of femininity. 

Nisaa /'ne-sah' - meaning Women in Arabic

Women. This is what Nisaa stands for.

Providing a service for Women, who are busy, but still want to have the best products for their body. Giving back to Women, who are struggling and need support. Empowering Women to be the best version of themselves.

We are here to Celebrate being a Woman, to deconstruct the Taboo and Stigma that surrounds periods through education, joy and positivity.

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Remove the Taboo.

Celebrate Your Period.

Through my work with Nisaa, I wanted to create a conversation around menstruation.

This topic has been very dear to my heart for a long time. With this in mind, the wonderful Angelica-Hazel and I have created an online course which tackles the topic of taboo awareness alongside a range of different topics that surround the menstrual cycle.

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Somewhere in the World, a Girl

Can Benefit from Your Monthly Period.

For every purchase you make we donate 20% to a girl in need.


Every month we supported a different organisation or charity that focus on helping women, children and communities in need.


Mainly, we wanted to support charities who are working towards similar goals to us, some of which include OneGirl, Endometriosis Australia, Samah Projects and Share the Dignity.

Our monthly subscriptions and gift box purchases also raise money for these charities and we are dedicated to donating 20% of profits to give back to the community. You can also donate a pack to a girl as a part of your monthly Nisaa Box.


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Your Cycle Can Help Recycling

From the very start, we have been very passionate about sustainability within the sanitary products industry. We are very fortunate that we are in a time where we are consciously aware of our environment and surroundings that we can make the choice of using products which are biodegradable or reusable!

Moving into a plastic-free future is also something we are working towards. Our Nisaa Boxes contain products that are nearly all recyclable or can be repurposed (i.e. glass jars), with packaging made out of recycled cardboard or paper, tissue paper and shredded paper or wood instead of plastic/bubble wrap for deliveries.

Looking to become more sustainably conscious with your monthly cycle? Then purchase our Sustainable Starter Box today!