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My first time receiving the Nisaa Box was lovely. The box arrived really quickly, and I could not wait to open it straight away! The packaging was beautifully done, and I could immediately see how much effort and passion is put into these special boxes. I received the Period Box which was such a fun process, as I got to pick out the different products and make it completely customised to me and what I need. I don't use pads a whole lot, but I did throw in some Tom Organic ones as I hadn't tried them before and my supply at home was getting low haha. I also selected this loose leaf tea, some chocolate, and a surprise gift which changes every month. I happened to receive some biscuits that were sugar free, gluten free AND vegan which tasted amazing. The packet didn't last for very long... The chocolate also tasted amazing, and really satisfied all of my cravings. There was also a toothbrush and tea strainer in there that was really cute!

Ms E - Tasmania

Nisaa Period Box Subscriber

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