The Story of Nisaa

"Empowered women, empower women."

Nisaa /'ne-sah' - meaning Women in Arabic.

Women. This is what Nisaa stands for.

Providing a service for Women, who are busy, but still want to have the best products for their body. Giving back to Women, who are struggling and need support. Empowering Women to be the best version of themselves.

This is my vision for Nisaa and I hope through this service, I can give back to as many people as possible.

Who we are

A girl who ran out of pads one day and thought, ‘there needs to be an easier way!’

I wanted to make a change and what better way to do that than provide women with the best products for their body, while empowering women around the world.

My name is Suhaila Mehio, a Lebanese-Australian, born and raised in Australia. With a background in writing, I always thought I would be writing novels for a living, but life took it’s turn and I decided to start Nisaa. Thank you for joining on my journey of positivity and wellness.

What we do

Nisaa is a subscription box designed to provide you with a convenient way of receiving feminine hygiene and sanitary products. This service was created for you, to be as personalised as possible without the stress of too many options. Subscribe to your first box today and receive a hand-packaged box of goodness.

Although we do not manufacture our own products (yet!), we have sourced some of our favourite organic brands including Tsuno, TOM Organic, Pana Chocolate and Saha Botanica Tea. Our feminine hygiene boxes contain organic, biodegradable and eco-friendly products, sourced here in Australia.

Why we do what we do

On top of providing you with a range of our favourite products, we wanted to give back and support women around the world.

One of our biggest visions is ’empowering women’. Whether that is through positivity, wellness or charity, we intend to do it! Through Nisaa Online, we will be donating 20% of all profit to charities that help empower women.

Stay tuned for an update of charities we will be supporting in the months to come! Here’s to adventure and positivity!